Randolph White

is an American hotelier and businessman, owner of the White Towers international hotel chain.

Personal Life

The only child of a brickmaker, Randolph pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, leaving home by the time he was sixteen. A year later he married his wife, Priscilla Montgomery. The two had no children but throughout their life did much to care for Randolph’s niece, Violet, and her brother Vince. Vince tragically lost his life while on a trip to Tanzania with Randolph. The two were there to check up on the operations of Randolph’s gold mines. Violet married Drew Van Kress, the son of one of the other Ambassadors. The marriage didn’t last. Randolph’s wife Priscilla fell ill in 2008, suffering greatly after a stroke left her a shadow of her former self. She is cared for in the couple’s home by a team of trained medical personnel.


Randolph was nicknamed the Ambassador, one of three men having that title. The three were rumoured to be instrumental in the election of John F. Kennedy. Shortly afterwards Randolph went into business in Tanzania where he ended up owning a couple of very profitable gold mines. Never one to rest on his laurels, he immediately invested all his profits into a new venture: The White Towers hotel chain.

The chain is renowned for its use of white marble, particularly in its opulent lobbies. There are currently forty-nine hotels in the chain worldwide. A planned fiftieth hotel burned to the ground in Japan just a few days prior to opening.