Julien Van Kress

is an American businessman and the grandson of real estate mogul Martin Van Kress. He graduated from Harvard Business School at the top of his class and immediately began working for the family business.

Early Life

Julien and his twin sister, Julia, were born to Drew and Portia Van Kress. Their younger sister, Victoria, was born four years later. Although all three children were bright, Julien showed a particular aptitude for games and puzzles. His IQ was rumored to be in the 170s when he joined MENSA at the age of seven. When he was eight his grandfather gave him ten thousand dollars to invest in the stock market. Within two years he had grown that investment to just over nine hundred thousand dollars. It was at that point that both Julien and his sisters were taken out of school and educated at home using private tutors.

Personal Life

Julien was always devoted to his studies and then his work, showing little interest in social activities and particularly avoiding the dating scene. Then he met and fell in love with Genevieve Kruger. The two had a quiet courtship that lasted a year before they were married in a simple beachside ceremony attended only by a handful of friends and relatives. Two years later the couple welcomed daughter Nora into their lives.


Upon graduating from Harvard, Julien accepted a position as Vice President of Finance in his grandfather’s company. Julien has made several bold decisions that helped propel the company to even greater profitability. He now works closely with his aunt, Daphne Van Kress, who is rumored to be grooming him to take over the reins of the company when she retires.