Genevieve (Kruger) Van Kress

is a psychiatrist and the wife of American businessman Julien Van Kress.

Early Life

Genevieve was the middle of three children born to Dr. Zachary Kruger and his wife Wendy (Travis) Kruger. Genevieve was a precocious child and spent much of her time looking out for her two siblings and “doctoring” the family pets. She showed an early interest in becoming a veterinarian. She shifted focus when she was thirteen. A close friend of hers, Amy Mueller, committed suicide. The tragedy profoundly changed young Genevieve who devoted herself from that point forward to understanding and helping people work through emotional crisis.

Personal Life

Genevieve attended the University of California at Berkeley where she met John Graham. The two became engaged her sophomore year of college. She broke it off with him a year later when she discovered that he had been cheating on her with her roommate. Angry at herself for not having caught the signs she didn’t date throughout the rest of her college career. She finally met and married Julien Van Kress who she described as the most fascinating man she’d ever met. The two have a young daughter, Nora.


Genevieve accepted work at a private clinic in Breakout City after school. She practiced there for a couple of years before opening her own clinic. She is a highly sought after psychiatrist specializing in more difficult cases. Clients are referred to her by colleagues through a very selective process. Since she works with only a small number of clients at a time it is rumored that there is a lengthy waiting list just to be seen by her for an initial evaluation.