Daphne Van Kress

is an American businesswoman and the youngest daughter of billionaire Martin Van Kress.

Early Life

Daphne was born on February 6, 1968. She was the youngest child of Martin and Helena Van Kress. Quieter than both her siblings she was diagnosed very early on as being gifted. As a result, she skipped two grades in elementary school. She was fifteen when her mother died of breast cancer. Her mother’s illness and sudden death deeply affected Daphne who became even more driven. At sixteen she was the youngest Freshman in her class at Harvard. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in just over two years.

Personal Life

A striking beauty, Daphne has never been married. Of all the Van Kress family she is the one who is the most intensely private, rarely attending fundraisers or any other public events. Despite her highly private nature, there has been a lot of speculation about her romantic life and her name has been linked with the likes of tennis legend Karl Linden, financier Gustav Mueller, and actor Charles Grant.


Daphne has been at the helm of the Van Kress real estate empire for the last fifteen years. Under her guidance, the family’s holdings have nearly tripled. She has a reputation for shrewd, ruthless deal making.