Buffy (Connor) Van Kress

Buffy Van Kress is an American beauty pageant contestant and the daughter-in-law of real estate tycoon Martin Van Kress. She is the fifth wife of Drew Van Kress. As a pre teen, she competed in national chess tournaments, placing third in her final one. After turning thirteen Buffy shifted her focus to beauty pageants instead. She once famously likened them to a chess match in which the last queen standing was the victor. She often was that victor. As some of her competitors noted she frequently prevailed through force of personality, arrogant confidence, and intimidation tactics that often left her competition deeply rattled or in tears. In a stunning move that caught the pageant world by surprise, she gave up her shot at Miss America when she refused to postpone her wedding to Drew by two weeks. She said being pronounced Mrs. Van Kress was far more important to her than being crowned Miss America.