Andrew “Drew” Van Kress

is the son of American real estate mogul Martin Van Kress.

Early Life

Andrew was born on January 4, 1958. He is the middle child of Martin and Helena Van Kress. As a youngster, he often took a backseat to his older sister, Darlene, whose plays he was often roped into helping with. He attended Harvard Business school at the behest of his father.

Personal Life

Andrew has had five wives. He met his first wife, Portia Renard, at an art gallery showing. Together they had three children: twins Julien and Julia and youngest daughter, Victoria. An affair Andrew started with Amelia Young prompted Portia to divorce him. Once the divorce was finalized, Andrew married Amelia. The couple was married for a year before she, too, filed for divorce following what has been described as a complete psychological breakdown. Andrew then married a third wife, Ginny. Her untimely death six months later left him once again single. Fourth wife, Violet White, was a socialite and niece of hotelier Randolph White. After five years of marriage, Violet left him. Andrew has been married to his current wife, Buffy, for two years. The couple married when she was twenty.